About us

Our company is active in the field of high-quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly property development. We develop our projects as an investor and project manager or in association with other partners.



Quality, innovation, sustainable construction, commitment and attention to detail are a permanent quest and state of mind for us. These are the targets which drive and motivate us to evolve and constantly surpass ourselves in order to be able to offer the best possible living environment.



We opt for sustainable projects incorporating all the latest environmental and energy requirements with enthusiasm and a strong conviction. We see ecology as a no-brainer, but also as a great opportunity to reinvent our living environment through, for example, timber frame constructions providing warmth and conviviality or a site designed and developed to favour biodiversity or the integration of green, coherent and pragmatic energy solutions.



We focus on young people in particular with appropriate surfaces and budgets as well as on single-parent and large families.

Everyone has their own specific requirements; we understand them and put them into practice both in the private and common sphere. The aspect of mobility is also widely studied, accessibility or soft mobility are important elements of a « LODGE » project.

Older people also receive our full attention:

The average age of the Belgian population is increasing every year. We should, of course, welcome the wonderful fact that we are now able to enjoy life for longer and longer. However, this fact goes hand in hand with new requirements which, in our view, do not necessarily relate to residence services. We believe that a flat without service but adapted in terms of fitness for occupation, security, home automation and capable of adaptation for persons with reduced mobility thus permitting them to be able to stay in their own home for as long as possible in an autonomous manner is something which makes sense. This is our choice.



All the town planning, environmental, sustainable or societal aspects of a housing project make no sense to us unless they are closely linked to pleasure. No design however strong it is may, in our view, depart from this fundamental notion of pleasure because it is one of the most important and most unifying human emotions.

The pleasure of sharing the strong values of a project, but also and equally important, the pleasure of living in and enjoying one’s house, one’s flat, a place where harmony reigns, the feeling of being happy and safe in one’s own home. Moreover, the name « LE LODGE » has been chosen because, in our view, it epitomises this feeling of well-being, security, quality and nature.

. Quality and sense of the overall project.

. Quality of the buildings and facilities.

. Quality of the environment and sustainable project.

. Enhanced security of private spaces.

. Value for money when making your investment.


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